Tricks for Launching a Successful Kickstarter Campaign

This comprehensive guide is the result of over 20 interviews that I've conducted with successful Kickstarter projects.

Learn what it's like to run a crowdfunding campaign, from preparing the launch to getting backers, pledges, and media coverage.

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Want to succeed on Kickstarter? I'll help you boost your project and get more pledges.

"What makes this eBook better than other crowdfunding books is that it addresses every step necessary for a success Kickstarter campaign from different points of views.

There is no better way to create your own successful Kickstarter campaign than to have 30 mentors on your team sharing their success and failures on the preparation, marketing, promotion, and post-funding stages of their successful crowdfunding campaign.”

Leonardo Mascarenhas

A Book For All Skill Levels

Whether you're new to crowdfunding or have been launching Kickstarter campaigns for a while, there's something in this ebook for you. 

Launching a successful Kickstarter campaign is a learning process. You'll be learning from the best. This book will help take you from novice to pro. 

A Book To Help You Get More Pledges

This eBook was taken straight from the horse's mouth. These are proven principles that successful Kickstarter campaigns used to increase their campaign's pledges and number of backers. 

These are cold, hard facts. I'm surprised so many absolute experts were willing to share the inside information that made them such a success on Kickstarter. 

A Word From Sal

I'm Sal and I run CrowdCrux, the popular crowdfunding blog. I'm excited to deliver some of my best tips and tricks to you in this ebook. 

If you like my blog posts, you'll love this guide! I look forward to your success!

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